The Normans - Battle of Hastings 1066 AssessmentQuick View

The Normans - Battle of Hastings 1066 Assessment

KS3 History Assessment - Norman conquest of England (compare, contrast and evaluate) Product Code: HIS/C8/WB/06 All our paid exam resources are fully editable. This resource is based on a History GCSE Style essay question about the Norman conquest of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. "‘William Duke of Normandy won the Battle of Hastings due to luck and the weaknesses of the Anglo Saxon army’ How far do you agree? This Assessment / exam is out of 22 or 26 marks and consists of; Section A: 10 Knowledge and Understanding short answer questions Section B: A 12 mark + Optional 4 for SPAG Substantiated judgement essay about whether the most important changes to the Tudor Church happened during the reign of Edward VI The new History GCSE Objectives are as follows: AO1: demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of the period studied. AO2: explain and analyse historical events and periods studied using second-order historical concepts. AO3: analyse, evaluate and use sources (contemporary to the period) to make substantiated judgements, in the context of historical events studied. AO4: analyse, evaluate and make substantiated judgements about interpretations (including how and why interpretations may differ) in the context of historical events studied. This resource contains: Knowledge Based Exam Paper 1 Essay Question Essay improvement sheet - Linked to the Action Points on the feedback sheet. Feedback Sheet - with marking scheme, example answers and grade boundaries to be used by students or teacher Question mark analysis - Track missing marks to improve exam technique This resource is fully adaptable to fit your own schools assessment criteria and is currently set up to follow the 1-9 GCSE formula and simplifying it for KS3 students. You may also want to check out our other popular selling History resources: History Christmas Quiz History General Knowledge Quiz Causes of WW1 Assessment Framework AQA GCSE History - Norman England Revision Causes of the English Civil War The Tudors - Henry VIII and Edward VI The Big WW1 Quiz
4 Assessments on Nazi GermanyQuick View

4 Assessments on Nazi Germany

These are four assessments that I have prepared to assess the knowledge of my students on the topic of Nazi Germany. They are created out of past exam papers, exam-like questions out of my head / book and some internet research. They were designed to gradually train them on how to correctly answer the questions and made it simple for me to check as in some case I just had to circle the missing point!
History Controlled Assessment ExampleQuick View

History Controlled Assessment Example

History Controlled Assessment Example. A2/A-Level. Topic: Civil Rights Movement. Question title: Historians disagree about the reasons why the Civil Rights movement was a success. How far do you agree that the main reason why the civil rights movement was a success was the leadership of Martin Luther King? 3447 words without quotes. Most compatible with the WJEC exam boards. Marked at 57/60.
Bog Bodies AssessmentQuick View

Bog Bodies Assessment

Year 11 Assessment Task for Ancient History Ancient Human Remains Extended Response and Marking Criteria. Includes visual sources of Old Croghan Man , Tolland Man, and Grauballe Man with essay question.Instant Assessment Task.
Sparta Assessment TasksQuick View

Sparta Assessment Tasks

Developed for Year 12 Ancient History - Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra 371 BC Two assessment tasks with worksheets for students. Comprising 9 questions in total. Two extended response questions based on archaeological sources.
Mummies of Qilakitsoq Assessment TaskQuick View

Mummies of Qilakitsoq Assessment Task

Developed for Year 11 Ancient History content area 'The Study of Human Remains'. This 12 page Assessment Task for students includes; Part A - After reading the information about the Mummies of Qilakitsoq students are asked to respond to 6 short response questions (50 Marks) Part B - In-class essay writing task, 'Discuss the archaeological find of the mummies of Qilakitsoq'. Task instructions include 6 points outlining key content areas for the completion of the 1,000 word essay response. (45 Marks) Included: Note taking guide for the essay, Marking Criteria for Essay, Abridged Article 'The Mummies of Qilakitsoq', and answers to all Part A questions. Comprehensive Task - Two types of Responses Offered - All Marking Criteria
The Grapes of Wrath Assessment BundleQuick View

The Grapes of Wrath Assessment Bundle

11 Resources
Measure general reading comprehension with this bundle of quizzes on The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. A summative unit test and answer keys are also provided. All materials are delivered as both Word Documents and PDFs. Questions pertain to the following key details: Historical context Setting Environmental conditions Tom Joad’s 4-year stay Tom Joad’s conviction The interaction between Tom Joad and the driver Tom Joad’s irritability Workers vs. owners The incident with the turtle An encounter with Jim Casy Jim Casy’s former profession Jim Casy’s revelation Jim Casy’s philosophical/religious belief Tom’s conviction Tom’s experience in prison Tom’s farm The eviction of farmers What happened to Tom’s family The family’s work Where Tom and his acquaintances sleep Narration of a used car salesman Taking advantage of departing families Uncle Tom’s guilt Ma and Pa Joad’s reaction to Tom’s return Granma’s request at breakfast Tom’s youngest brother, Al Narration of tenant farmers Talk of material possessions and memories of home Pawning belongings Granma’s concern about California Granpa’s intentions upon getting to California The family pawning their possessions The purpose of a family meeting The activities following the family meeting Muley Graves bidding goodbye Granpa’s surprising reaction to departing The method of halting a protest Farmers’ worries about transportation and travel The narrator’s assessment of corporate farmers Treatment of farmers and their observations on a typical journey west The family driver Ma Joad’s perspective on the future Al’s conflict with a gas station attendant An incident involving the family dog The family’s reaction to Oklahoma City The Wilsons’ background Sudden death of a family member The influx of farmers posing a perceived threat to citizens of western states Truckers and the coffee shop A request of Mae A shift in Mae’s reaction to patrons of the coffee shop Ma’s reaction to Rose of Sharon’s news An engine issue with the Wilsons’ vehicle Ma’s disagreement with Tom and Casy’s decision Spending the night at a roadside camp Conditions for migrant farmers in California The creation of larger migrant family communities A degrading term for migrant families Noah’s life-changing decision A gravely ill character Agricultural inspectors stopping the family Sad news shared with the family California’s history American squatters’ sense of entitlement to land The perceived threat of the Okies Granma’s body Hoovervilles The characterization of Floyd Knowles The reason for an employment “blacklist” A mistake Connie thinks he and Rose of Sharon made The arrest of Floyd Knowles Tom tripping the police officer Casy’s willingness to take the fall Uncle John’s dejection Tom’s belief the family needs to move on before more trouble erupts An armed, angry mob Life in the government-sponsored camp The generosity of Timothy and Wilkie Wallace The demands of the Farmers’ Association “Red agitators” The Farmers’ Association’s plan to cause trouble Mrs. Sandy’s scary warning to Rose of Sharon Ma’s feelings of sadness and loss Ezra Huston’s big responsibility The mountain men of Akron, Ohio The “turkey shoot” Destruction of excess crops/food Duration of time spent at Weedpatch camp Ma’s decision to move the family onward Complications in preparations to leave An offer to pick peaches Ma’s interaction with the Hooper Ranch clerk The re-appearance of Jim Casy A strike against the Hooper Ranch The death of Jim Casy Tom’s reaction to the death of Jim Casy A decision to leave the peach farm The Joads’ financial situation Ruthie’s fight and revelation Tom’s reflective thoughts Tom’s significant decision Al and Agnes’s decision to get married Horrendous weather conditions How to men may remain strong according to the women The need to build an embankment Rose of Sharon’s stillborn child Rose of Sharon’s role in trying to save a dying man
Assessment Task - Conflict in IndochinaQuick View

Assessment Task - Conflict in Indochina

This is an assessment task for the topic Conflict in Indochina. It is designed for students of the NSW Modern History Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Higher School Certificate course Peace and Conflict Option C: Conflict in Indochina 1945-1975. It includes 10 multiple choice questions and a source-based activity on guerrilla warfare.
Celtic Society Assessment TaskQuick View

Celtic Society Assessment Task

This is an assessment task on Celtic Society that includes assessed course outcomes, rubric, marking guideline and student feedback sheet. The task is an essay: Many of the classical writers (Romans and Greeks) believed that the Celts were barbarians, lacking in the refinements of civilisation. Do you agree with them? Use supportive evidence from the sources to help explain your view. The task is designed for students of the NSW Ancient History Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Preliminary course Investigating Ancient History – Case Studies List A: Case studies from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Celtic Europe A8. The Celts
Assessment:  World War IIQuick View

Assessment: World War II

This assessment consists of 40 questions that focus on the United States during World War II. It ties in the fighting overseas as well as the efforts at home. Also include are questions about the holocaust, the Nuremberg Trials, and the Japanese Internment. All questions are in a multiple choice or matching format. An answer key is included too.
Aims of the Peacemakers at Versailles AssessmentQuick View

Aims of the Peacemakers at Versailles Assessment

This assessment pack includes past paper questions from the Oxford and Cambridge exam board as well as student mark schemes and guides on how to tackle various different types of questions. If you teach another board, the format is very easy to adapt and should just be able to drop in your own level descriptors into the pupil mark schemes. This works a treat and armed with purple pens you can teach students not only the assessment criteria and how to answer the questions properly, but you can also cut your own marking down and look really good at the same time :-) If you like this resource, check out the study / revision guide that I have also produced on this topic. You can also follow 'The History Academy' on Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook for the latest updates or even to get in touch and chat about how you have used this resource or to ask questions. We aim to produce cheap and affordable resources for either the price of a good cup of coffee or a happy meal so that you can spend more time doing the things that you want. Anyway, have fun and stay in touch via social media for the latest updates. Kind Regards Roy
Protest Poetry - Assessment 2Quick View

Protest Poetry - Assessment 2

7 resources created for a year 8 English Unit studying war poetry. 1) A PowerPoint explaining the assessment - creating a poetry anthology featuring a minimum of 3 poems. It explains what an anthology is, its components (e.g. title page, table of contents, etc.), what they are being assessed on, planning steps and some homework to get them started. 2) An example analysis of the poem Beach Burial (in a table outlining the structural requirements and expected langauge features) 3) A PowerPoint lesson designed to take students through the example analysis of Beach Burial. 4) A document with the STEP UP acronym for students to use to analyse their 3 poems. 5) A PowerPoing to help students write their analysis of poem one. 6) A PowerPoint explaining how to write the preface and reference list (with examples) 7) A completed anthology exemplar (created by a student)
Latin assessment sticker labelsQuick View

Latin assessment sticker labels

Twenty one Latin assessment sticker labels for excellent work (optime). Download the sticker sheet and print onto A4 standard sticker sheets (3 columns by 7 rows). You can then print and use these whenever you require them again.
Introduction to AS History first assessmentQuick View

Introduction to AS History first assessment

This resource aims to bridge the gap between GCSE and AS we use it for our induction tests by the 3rd week. Although my choice is Unit 1 option D3 you can cut out my question and add your own sample assessment. You need to download the getting started guide and bibliographies for unit 1 and 2 from Edexcel.
British Empire Source AssessmentsQuick View

British Empire Source Assessments

This pack contains three possible assessments that use sources as evidence for students to give an opinion on the British Empire. The John Bull Assessment would require some prior knowledge. The Mark scheme is quite detailed.