This is just a series of revision notes on JB Priestley's An Inspector Calls for Year 11s going off for study leave. It doesn’t go into too much detail, just plot, characters and themes. Lots of it is just adapted from the BBC Bitsize website, but it’s handy for them to have in this form.


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Created: Jul 2, 2008

Updated: Sep 4, 2016

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    Good, simple revision document, thank you.

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    user avatarclairebera year agoreport

    Great thank you.

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    user avataraevans02 years agoreport

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    user avatarErnestH2 years agoreport

    Thank you for this. I needed something simple for a lower set and it's perfect.

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    user avatareotas8 years agoreport

    Great Help. An excellent outline of the play and compiled in a 'user friendly' way.