Block Busters Game Starter/Plenary Whole School in Powerpoint (with Xmas quiz)
Blockbusters was/is a British TV Quiz game that was very popular with students in the eighties. It has changed somewhat now however this interactive interface works really well with starters, plenaries and looks like the original screen from the game show.

This is as close to the original Blockbusters interface as I could get and is completely interactive. You can use it as a starter or plenary for any department and change the topic to whatever you like. It works really well with a group of any size and age. I use a Lego man for a day as a prize which is blue-tacked to the top of the winners computer screen with a large group of 18+ trainee computer technicians who really enjoy this as a resource.

Please note that this is a template for you to edit - even though it comes with instructions, it is ultimately up to you to make the changes that you need to fit in with your teaching. Please don't leave negative feedback if you do not have the time to be able to make changes to it. The instructions have also been added below.

I would really appreciate a comment or a rating on this resource.


Hit F5 or click VIEW. You can see that each hexagon is made up of three layers.

1 - Bottom (white) layer
2 - Middle (blue) layer
3 - Top (yellow/letters) layer

When the yellow layer (#3) is tapped (on smartboard) or clicked with a mouse, it will fade out to reveal layer # 2. When layer # 2 is clicked or tapped, it will also fade out to reveal layer # 1. Layer #3 is fully editable with regards to the letters or numbers that you wish to add. This particular version that you have has been used with IT hardware acronyms. The learner chooses and guesses an acronym and of they get it right, they gain a point for either the blue or white team.

This resource comes with no questions – it is up to you to change the text that is presented on layer #3. This resource is designed for use on a PC with Powerpoint and can be adapted for use in any department.

I have also added and included a Chrsitmas Quiz with full questions and answers.
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