Comparing Animal Weights

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A TESiboard ( ) activity to compare weights and sizes of animals, using virtual balance scales. Discussions will introduce comparative language such as 'greater&', &';smaller', &'heavier&'; and 'lighter&'. The report screen asks pupils to complete comparative statements about the animals. This report can be printed off as a record or to use as stimulus for class discussion about pupils’ findings.

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CreatedDec 29, 2009
UpdatedMar 12, 2013

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    user avatarlealea34 years agoReport

    Brilliant! Children will enjoy this and now I can incorporate ICT

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    user avatarcath.down4 years agoReport

    Intending to use as a mid year assessment as a variation from other types of assessments (paper, oral etc\) particularly useful as my very ICT savvy class will love recording on the computer, then I can print for my records!

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    weighing activity. Great. Am doing an PSR&N observed lesson in the morning, and the weiging activity is perfect for an independant task. we can do the 'report' bit together - the children love the voice as they click on apicture.

    My class aleady love i board purple