Create your own Immigration Reform program- with rubric, readings, and check sheet
Immigration reform –- Our immigration system is broken, and needs change. Too many people want to live and work in the U.S.; we make it very difficult to do so. Thus, an estimated 11-12 million people are here without documentation. It is your job to fix the Immigration system, and come up with your own Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In doing so, answer the questions below. Use to help you, and cite statistics/ reasons why you chose your stance… Good luck! (No one has done it!!!)

• What do we do with the amount of people here? (legal and illegal) Think of skilled vs. unskilled
• What do we do with those that are here illegally?
• What about Amnesty?
• What about refugees?
• Guest Worker Program?
• English as official language?
• Border issues?
• Visa cap/ backlog/ LPR’s/ Green Cards (Who do you want here? How will you get them? How will you explain your reasoning)
• Minors?
• Dream Act?
• Who should be in charge of immigration? (States, federal gov., people)
• Does your plan align more with the democrats? Or republicans?
• What to do w/ Employees that hire illegal immigrants?
• Create a name for your plan
• Other
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