Powerpoints to aid the Edexcel GCSE RE Crime and Punishment section


  • Yr10 C&P Lesson 1.ppt
  • Yr 10 C&P lesson 2.ppt
  • Yr10 C&P Lesson 3.ppt
  • Yr10 C&P lesson 4.ppt
  • Yr 10 C&p lesson 5.ppt

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    user avatarmauwmauw3 months agoreport

    Thank you

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    user avatarSuzanJ9 months agoreport

    Thank you

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    user avatarCRI13 years agoreport

    Thank you

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    user avatarMEL0014 years agoreport

    This was great - Thanks so much for sharing! Saved me loads of time :-)

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    user avatarrachel6068 years agoreport

    Thanks. Thanks for these, they are excellent inspiration and information to use in my lessons.