Critical Evidence Issue Spotting Famous Criminal Law Cases 87 Slides
Evidence: The Little That Matters

Although murder trials last long and the evidence is rather ploddingly accumulated, there is only a short and limited amount of evidence and strategy which will determine the case’s outcome. The case comes down to this distillation and that’s that.

Don’t believe me? Then follow along with these famous cases and see how the crucial evidence and strategy can be pared with knife like precision.

Famous cases include:

Amando Knox
Dr. Sam Sheppard
Scott Peterson
Phil Spector
O.J. Simpson
Ted Bundy
Casey Anthony
Phil Spector
Robert Blake
Menendez Brothers
Oscar Pistorius
Aileen Wournos
Adnan Syed
John Hinckley
Lorena Bobbitt
Bernard Goetz
Dan White
Dr. Jack Kervorkian
Leopold & Loeb
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