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Posters of De Bono's thinking hats and what they represent. 23.4.8 Stopped by after seeing a slightly updated version of my posters on a visit to a school today! Chuffed that they have been downloaded so much. Updated now reflecting feedback - black hat is now "obstacles". Thanks folks!

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CreatedJul 27, 2006
UpdatedMay 12, 2008

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    A helpful resource. I changed the names of some of the hats (good and bad) and have added further descriotions for each. A useful resource as a starting point with eye-catching pictures of the hats. Thankyou.

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    user avatarpeter pan9 years agoReport

    Perfect. Perfect, Simple yet effective. Thanks

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    the black hat is not bad. I know the other reviews on this resource were done last year but I couldn't help see the question about the black hat. The Black Hat is not the bad hat - it is the obstacles, the thinking that keeps us from making mistakes.

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    user avatarasummers10 years agoReport

    cute. Ineeded to renew my hats posters. Thank you

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    user avatarbeanrow910 years agoReport

    colour association. I've never felt very easy about using de Bono's hats because of the negative associations with Black. Although I think these posters are great, I would change 'Black - bad' 'points against' Any better suggestions?