This activity is a good start to the term if your theme is the Victorians (cross curricular link). Watch the DVD and then as indpendent work children to write words around the pictures to decribe the characters. They then use Thesaurus to find alternative more powerful vocabulary. Serves as a great bank for the work on narratives later on in the year. It also works well as PSHE and Circle time activities.


  • Bill_forDescription.doc
  • Fagin_forDescription.doc
  • Nancy_forDescription.doc
  • OliverTwist_forDescription.doc

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    good photos

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    user avatardzil5 years agoreport

    These pages are 2 or 3 stills taken from the film "Oliver" in black and white, 4 copies on one page of A4 and the words "WALT: make a list of words which best describe ..." Useful starting point for the stated topic. With some adaption I could use this for my learners with severe learning difficulties.