✔️ Improve mastery skills, develop self-esteem and encourage positive thinking.

✔️ Create engaging and thought-provoking discussions.

✔️ Provide opportunities for all learners to develop reasoning skills and build self-esteem.

✔️ Perfect for small group interventions and whole class lessons.

Life By Shape resources can help improve children’s mastery skills in two ways:

- showing how images can be used to represent problems or ideas
- giving an opportunity for children to discuss and reason

Each Life By Shape resource included in this package shows words of inspiration and motivation represented by an image of shape.

Using images to represent

Each image has been designed to represent (or show) a motivational message. The key here is for children to try and imagine that each shape within an image represents an individual person. Once children understand this concept, the discussions really start flowing.

Discussing & Reasoning

Here’s some possible questions that children could be asked to generate some discussions.

How does the image relate to the words?
Why do you think the bottom left square is different? And what could this represent?
Why is the bottom left square a different colour to the rest?
Why are all of the other shapes in a perfect pattern?
If you were one of these squares, which one would you be?
It’s important to remember that there doesn’t have to be a right answer. The point of this is to give children an opportunity to express their thoughts through discussions and reasoning by ‘agreeing’ or ‘disagreeing’ with other children.

How can Life By Shape resources help to build self-esteem and develop positive thinking?

Each Life By Shape resource has a message of inspiration or motivation for children. Combined with discussions, all types of learners can access and understand important messages to build self-esteem and develop positive thinking.

Find out more at https://lifebyshape.co.uk/resource-packages/