Digital Guide Word Resources
As teachers, we are all trying to add more technology into our daily routines in the classroom. I have created a set of Guide Word Digital Resources!

This Digital Unit Includes:
-An Alphabetical Order Review (important for mastering guide words)
-Listing Guide Words
-Guide Word Sort
-Knowing Guide Words Activity
-Guide Word Digital Anchor Chart
-Providing Guide Word Activity

When you download this product, it will take you to a link.

With this link, you can access a google slides document with the product.

Instructions for using digital resources:

1. You will need a google account.

2. Open the document from the link and click FILE, MAKE A COPY. This will be your MASTER COPY. (rename it anything you would like.)

3. Make ANOTHER COPY, this will be the one you share with your students.

4. Use the SHARE button in the top right corner (blue button) to get the shareable link to send to your students.

5. Share the document with your students. Once they open the file, they must make a copy (click FILE, MAKE A COPY) so they can edit their document and not your master copy.

This can also be used whole group, in that case, just make a master copy and then another to edit in front of the entire class! :)

These can be used with laptops, desktops, google classrooms, iPads, and tablets. Digital resources work better if your students have their own google account so they can save their document and share it with you so you can grade it! :) This is not a must, but definitely more helpful!



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Created: Apr 13, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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