Great for differentiating: you can choose exactly what numbers you want your pupils to double and halve. I made this for my year 2s, but you could easily use for Year 1 as well. It includes ladybirds so they can draw on the spots as a visual aid. The wording is: 'Double ___ is ____ so Half of ____ is ____.' It should help the children to draw links between doubling and halving both verbally and visually.


  • double and halve ladybirds.pdf

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    Great pictorial representative for some year 2 students that are still very new to the concept of halving.

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    Very clear, should really help with these concepts, thanks for sharing

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    user avatarLeslieD2 years agoreport

    Just what I needed. Thank you!

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    user avatarAlderman12 years agoreport

    Very clever - love the links and the flexibility