A set of activities, flash cards, strategies, revision aids and posters all developed to support pupils with dyscalculia. All resources have a clear layout and include visual support where necessary. Sassoon font is used throughout.


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    user avatarannieguy616 months agoreport

    Thank you for sharing these resources especially the poster, that can be used for cascading information to other teachers and parents.

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    This is a brilliant resource! Thank you for sharing. I like that there are resources that can be used imediately with children across a range of concepts/strands and the there is a poster that can be shared with colleagues in terms of ho to support children that are dyscalculic.

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    user avatarklones8 months agoreport

    So helpful, thanks

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    user avatarcjtankard10 months agoreport

    Brilliant many thanks

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    user avatarfemura year agoreport