Evaporation- PPT and main activity

I used this with my yr 4/5 class. Paused it for discussion after pictures. Then i did a mini investigation as a whole class boiling the kettle and measuring water afterwards got chn to write predictions on post its and put on our though bubble on the wall. Then used the rest of powerpoint explaining evaporation. They did the main activity planning apparatus, method and predictions for own evaporation investigation (two containers, placed in different places) to see what speeds up evaporation. Plenary wet socks asking how i could dry them best.


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    Fantastic resource and has saved so much time for me. Thanks!

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    Really great, thank you for sharing.

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    A super resource - thanks.

  • Thanks so much! I´m new to primary teaching so this has really helped me out!

  • Thanks! Great starting point for my Y3/4s!