Expanding double brackets catchphrase game

KS4 Maths: Algebra. Multiplying and simplifying double brackets. Questions require pupils to simplify expressions involving double brackets. Plenary or starter game based on the tv show catchphrase. Pupils must correctly answer the question on one of the rectangles to reveal part of the 'catchphrase behind'. A great way to engage pupils and check understanding. Easily adapted to suit other topics or abilities. See the other versions I have shared - all with a different catchphrase. Picture behind could be changed to something more personalised to the class.


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    user avatarBGH8 months agoReport

    Really nice - used with ShowMe boards. thanks!

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    user avatarGareth15125 years agoReport

    A very nice activity based on the tv show catchphrase. This would be an ideal way of finishing off a topic in a fun and engaging way, or could be used as a starter activity to get pupils thinking about maths. I would double check that you know what the answer is underneath before you start, but I like this and would definitely use this in an algebra lesson.

Oct 24, 2011
Sep 18, 2016

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