Festivals in the Christian Year

Powerpoint of nine major festivals, including British patron saints, found and celebrated in the Christian year.


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    romo593 years agoReport

    Great thanks. A bit too detailed for my Yr 7's but a brilliant resource!

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    marlenew6 years agoReport

    some super bits - fantastic parts but it is a pity that theyoung folks did not realise that which the important festivals were and left them out ...

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    marlene.w6 years agoReport

    thanks. thanks some useful stuff - it might be helpful to have the festivals in the order they come in the year - also for Sunday it would be worth adding that every sunday is a celebration of the resurrection - communion/eucharist/mass services which occur every Sunday are a commemoration of that.

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    railton487 years agoReport

    Fantastic resource. What a super powerpoint which can be used for any age and I will be using part of it for my assemly at Christmas to discuss the different festivals at that time. Thank you.

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    deborah337 years agoReport

    Good example of pupil skills. I will be using this for my Yr 7,8,9 opeening minds class ina special school in Bath, its a lovely example especially as its been done by pupils...

Nov 21, 2006
May 19, 2013