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pp Cameroon French higher level

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CreatedNov 17, 2009
UpdatedAug 19, 2013

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    user avatarrogleasda year agoReport

    What a great powerpoint. Great resource for both its linguistic content and cultural diversity! Un grand merci!

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    user avatarenyanyo4 years agoReport

    I'm from Bamenda, Cameroon. I wish this lesson was and actual depiction of life for most young people in Cameroon. It is not. It only feeds the stereotypes Europeans have of Africa - that we live in dirty neighbourhoods and play around with chimps in the muddy yard after school. I have never seen a chimp in my life, after almost 30 years in Cameroon.

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    user avatarsarah724 years agoReport

    Fantastic, jusdt what I was looking for for my Ib French Ab initio! Merci!

  • 4

    Lovely resource, great to have a different angle on daily routine and some cultural input with bright visuals. Thank you!

  • 4

    great pictures and a stimulating resource, merci.

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