Les Nombres BUNDLE

Beginning French Numbers to 100 BUNDLE for introduction to and revision of Les Nombres / Les Numeros. Contains a 70+ slides PowerPoint lesson presentation, 10 pages of French numbers worksheets and puzzles worksheets with full answers included for classwork or homework consolidation, a set of 6 French numbers crosswords, differentiated 3 ways, 6 differentiated Four in a Row French numbers / mental maths printable game boards and four jigsaw puzzles for French maths. Originally designed for French beginners and near beginners in Primary - KS2 (Year 4, 5 and 6) -and early Secondary - KS3 (Year 7) and equivalents, making it easy to plan French number lessons.

3 double-sided worksheets (0-40 version / 0-60 version / 0-100 version). Includes number sequences and mental maths work. They are editable in case you wish to amend them to better suit your needs. There are also two sheets of anagrams and two fun hidden word / spot the mistakes puzzles worksheets.

6 French numbers crossword puzzles, each differentiated 3 ways. Suits a variety of ages and experiences and could be used for classwork, fun early finisher activities, homework tasks etc to consolidate Les Numeros / Les Chiffres / Les Nombres. There are two 0-31 crosswords, two 0-61 crosswords and two 0-100 crosswords, with all six puzzles coming in these three versions:

  • A 1-star version for lower ability/younger pupils/pupils less experienced in French. This has number clues in English and a French wordbank containing all the answers in alphabetical order

  • A 2-star middle ability version (as above but with no wordbank)

  • A 3-star more challenging version with mental maths clues in French

  • All puzzles come with the solution to enable easy marking

In addition I have included in this bundle another French Numbers crossword that is currently a freebie on TES in case you have not downloaded this yet.

[FRENCH NUMBERS GAMES](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/french-numbers-maths-games-

This is a fun, strategic game to consolidate les numeros/ les nombres by answering maths questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Includes:

  • 4 different gameboards for maths involving numbers from 0 to 100

  • 2 different gameboards for maths involving numbers from 0 to 40 with generally simpler maths questions

  • All answers included in separate files for at-a-glance checking by pupils or teacher

  • Non-colour versions included (in same file as colour ones for 0-40 version, in separate file for 0-100 version)

Print, laminate and cut up the pieces. Puzzles 1 and 2 feature numbers from 0-40. Puzzles 3 and 4 feature numbers from 0-100. Calculations are in digit format, which pupils match with French number word answers to assemble the big triangle. Solutions are included in separate files.

A Powerpoint presentation with more than 70 slides, taking learners through French numbers vocabulary from 0 to 100 and a range of larger numbers too. Featuring key teaching points, it breaks them down into small chunks of ten numbers at a time so that teachers can use whatever part of the presentation suits the needs of their class. There are recap slides at various points with tables of numbers and also slides with numbers in French and English for pupils to translate, with answers appearing on the click of the mouse. There are slides with large numbers in digit format to play a game of ‘splat’ where the teacher can call out a French number and children can compete in threes or so to hit the number on the whiteboard (if you’re not using a touchscreen) but this can also be used for other teacher questioning.

Some slides focus on mental maths in French, introducing words for ‘add’, ‘subtract’, ‘multiplied by’, and ‘divide by’. There are some calculations using just numbers from 0-40 and then some using numbers to 100. For children to become really familiar with French numbers it’s great to get them playing around with them in maths activities.

I use the following words for the four operations:

  • plus - add

  • moins - minus

  • fois - times

  • divisé par - divided by

For a bigger French Numbers BUNDLE, try this one: French Numbers COMPLETE BUNDLE

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Thank you very much for your interest in my resources. I would be grateful for any reviews if you can spare a moment.

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