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I have just started adding my plays to TES (over 400)!but this will take time! All my assemblies/class plays and guided reading scripts are on and I am happy to write on request. I have converted the entire History Key Stage II curriculum into play format - and much of the other subjects such as Science, Geography, PSHE etc. I cover events such as the Olympics and have received great feedback from teachers around the world! Writing is my passion - hope you enjoy my work!

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Hanukkah Class Play
Sometimes referred to as Chanukah, Hannukah or Channukah
Cast of 30
Duration: around 10 minutes reading time, not including songs, poetry, prayer or jokes.
Two miracles - and some very keen combatants! Our narrator certainly has his work cut out for him on this one!
Also available: Class Play on Judaism – available from TES and
Sample Text:
Narrator: (Wiping his brow) Phew! Those Maccabees! Bit of a lively lot! Let’s look at how Hanukkah is celebrated before we return to them!
Child 10: But we haven’t said what Hanukkah is yet!
(Narrator consults his notes)
Narrator: Oh really? Well, fancy missing that bit out! Please proceed! Now let’s see. Maybe we should start with what Hanukkah means?
Child 11: Hanukkah comes from the Hebrew word meaning ‘dedication’.
Narrator: Ah, Hebrew you say?
Child 11: That’s right. This is, after all, a Jewish festival.
Child 12: That’s because it was the Jewish people who were persecuted all those years ago!
Child 13: Over 2,000 years ago to be precise!
Child 14: It was in the year 167 BC that a certain Syrian-Greek emperor
(Enter Antiochus Epiphanes)
Antiochus: (Interrupting) That would be me, Antiochus Epiphanes!
Child 14: (Continuing) Invaded Judea
(Enter Mattathias)
Mattathias: (Furiously) And defiled my temple! Despicable what he and his forces did!
Antiochus: (Defiantly) Well, you know what they say? Out with the old, in with the new!


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