Illness and Disease Doctor Role Play Activity
Looking for a fun and engaging way for students to apply their knowledge of illness and disease ? Use the doctor role play activity!

The role play activity requires the students to be the doctors. The teacher shows an illustration of a “patient” and reads off their health complaint. The students then diagnose the illness by holding up the appropriate tongue depressor. When students are ready, they hold up a band aid with an appropriate treatment . There are six “patients” with scenarios included in this package that you can use with this activity.

Consider printing off the doctor badges on full page label paper to make them easy for students to put on. Students can print their name on the badges and wear them. Provide each student with a set of tongue depressors and bandaids. This activity is provided in both colour and in black and white.

The Illness and Disease Doctor Role Play Activity is a part of the Illness and Disease Digital Teaching Box . If you are looking for more materials to support your students as they learn about illness and disease, be sure to check out the digital teaching box.

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