Interactive Notebook Sixth Grade Common Core Bundle - English Language Arts
Interactive Notebook Bundle for Sixth Grade for English Language Arts - 564 pages!

This bundle of interactive notebooks contains three interactive notebooks - Reading, Grammar and Writing. These notebooks are completely hands-on and interactive. Each chapter in these journals includes a divider for the standard that is covered in the chapter, a hands-on activity for students to put in their interactive notebooks, and at least one page that you can use as an assessment or as a worksheet for additional practice. In addition, each chapter has a page of graphics that your students can color, cut out, and paste into their interactive notebooks. There are also pictures of children using this notebook to give you ideas about how to set up your Common Core notebooks.

All Common Core reading, language and writing standards for 6th grade are covered in this book.

Reading topics covered:
Drawing Inferences
Characters and Plots
Word and Phrase Meanings
Craft and Structure
Points of View
Comparing Versions
Comparing and Contrasting
Reading and Understanding Literature
Drawing Inferences
Central Idea
Analyzing Texts
Word Meanings
Analyzing Developments
Point of View and Purpose
Integrating Information
Reasons and Evidence
Comparing Authors

Writing and language topics covered:
Writing Opinions
Writing Informative Texts
Writing Narratives
Producing Writing
Developing Writing
Publishing Writing
Research Projects
Gathering Information
Finding Evidence
Writing Routinely
English Grammar
Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling
Knowledge of Language
Word Meanings
Word Relationships
Using Words and Phrases

Grammar topics covered:
Intensive Pronouns
Shifts in Pronouns
Vague Pronouns
Variations of Standard English
Nonrestrictive/Parenthetical Elements
Sentence Patterns
Style and Tone
Context Clues
Greek and Latin Roots
Reference Material
Meaning of a Word
Figures of Speech
Word Relationships
Connotations of Words
Vocabulary Knowledge

Make sure to look at the preview for more details about this fun and interactive way to teach in your classroom!

This bundle is valued at $43.85 and comes with a 20% discount.

All graphics are originals and created by myself.

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