This internet safety themed board game is a fun way to cover aspects of internet security, personal safety in the online environment and encourage discussion into safe online behaviour.

The game works like any standard chance card-based game. 5-6 players per game.
Instructions: Roll one/two dice each time to move along the board. If you land on a thumbs up/top secret or laptop icon one of your opponents must pick up the card and read out the instructions to follow or question to answer.

Tip: Print the chance cards two-sided on A4 paper.
Publisher versions of chance cards included so you can add/remove wording and scenarios as you wish.


  • Board-game-template---Top-Secret-version.pdf
  • Chance-cards-for-game-8-11-year-olds.pdf
  • Chance-cards-for-11-14-year-olds.pdf

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