Jeopardy Maths Games - Topic Specific and Revision

A LARGE number Jeopardy games. One for each GCSE strand - algebra 1, algebra 2, number, trig, shape and space, geometry, statistics/probability etc. Plus some more general ones for KS3. Check out for loads of dingbats to customise the challenge section. The game works well by giving each team a whiteboard, which they have to hold the answers up on. Expect to take 40-60 mins. For some of the later IGCSE jeopardy games I've left the Challenge sections the same - you can customise these yourselves.


2 Reviews

  • deborah332 years agoReport

    Fab, thank you just what I needed end of term, variety of levels very helpful for me covering maths for the last term!

  • colm14054 years agoReport

    A superb revision tool for a wide range of students. The IGCSE games are challenging and engaging and the lower school games will definitely maintain pupils' interest whilst learning.