Junior Tax Facts Teachers' Pack

Junior Tax Facts has been designed for primary school children, aged eight to eleven. It introduces them to the subject of taxation by explaining that taxes are the money that people and businesses have to pay to the government, so that the government can pay for the things that are important to us and our families, our local communities and the country. Junior Tax Facts can be used to support a number of aspects of the primary school curriculum:

• recognising the rights and responsibilities of citizens

• understanding how money plays an important part in people’s lives

• appreciating that resources can be allocated in different ways and that these choices affect individuals, families, communities and our country.

It also supports the promotion of British values by explaining the importance of tax law and the role we all play as taxpayers in paying for the things that are essential for our safety, health and wellbeing.

This pack includes a number of exercises that can be included in maths, history, art and design lessons.

Junior Tax Facts animation on YouTube:


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