Key Stage 2 'Macbeth'

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This scheme of work is designed to provide opportunities to incorporate Drama into teaching looking at ‘Macbeth’ and applying a range of techniques to a selection of possible approaches to the text.

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CreatedApr 18, 2006
UpdatedAug 5, 2010

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    I really like the creative ideas thank you

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    user avatarjuleshobbs7 years agoReport

    Shakespeare's birthday. For teachers, pupils and parents alike of KS2 check out for help in getting to grips with the cracking stories. A primary school in Hampshire last week produced Macbeth in a just one week - even the Reception class spoke original text. No one is too old or too young to learn!

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    user avatarannie777 years agoReport

    Fab Ideas. Some really good ideas here to bring Macbeth to life - thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarmrlyons787 years agoReport

    Great intro. Very useful! Thanks for sharing

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    user avatartrip498 years agoReport

    Great ideas for Macbeth. A great plan of ideas, totally inspiring and will make you want to be more creative in sharing shakespeare with your pupils.