These are the vocabulary lists that my students will use for the new A2 curriculum. The three new subtopics are included (beneficios y aspectos negativos, el mundo hispánico y los problemas de los indocumentados).
I have also added the vocab tests I will do at the end of the unit.
Memrise courses are provided as well and they match the glossaries:)


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  • Glossary---Los-beneficios-y-los-aspectos-negativos.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-beneficios-y-los-aspectos-negativos.docx
  • Glossary---La-inmigraci-n-en-el-mundo-hisp-nico.docx
  • Glossary---La-inmigraci-n-en-el-mundo-hisp-nico.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-indocumentados---problemas.docx
  • Glossary---Los-indocumentados---problemas-2.pdf
  • Vocab-Assessment_La-inmigraci-n-(Version-2).pdf
  • Vocab-Assessment_La-inmigraci-n-(Version-1).pdf

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