Light and Shadows Year 3 Science planning

These are last years light and shadow plans for year 3 science. We did a whole class investigation, best to do this at beginning of year when it's more likely to be sunny!


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  • fizzgog10 months agoReport

    Time saving and useful - thank you,

  • poobaga year agoReport

    I have a mixed 3 - 4 class, having covered all year 4 topics I wanted to finish the year with investigations for year 3. These resources were brilliant I extended the shadows into literacy - plays with shadow puppets. The pupils loved it.

  • A brilliant resource. Saved me LOADS of time. Lots of useful lesson ideas.

  • debra132 years agoReport

    Very useful ideas.

  • nnorval3 years agoReport

    Just what I need! Thank you