LIGHT Science Worksheets

Two investigations and one worksheet for use during a topic on Light. Please note: I found that when the shadow density sheet photocopied the scale at the bottom was hard to use so I have included a page with 15 of these scales. I printed these then cut and laminated them to be given out separately. They can then be reused in future years. The Sources of Light worksheet is a collection of pictures to cut out and arrange into 'source of light', 'not a source of light'.


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  • janie102 months agoReport

    fab good recap for LA key stage 2 - will definitely use - thank you

  • Mengi5 months agoReport

    quite helpful.used it for my lesson plan as a trainee teacher

  • schampaneri7 months agoReport

    Thanks for the worksheet. Will use it as a starter.

  • emt47 months agoReport

    Some good ideas. Thanks.

  • Thank you - well thought out and interesting investigations. Thanks for saving me so much time!