Line Graphs Activity

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Differentiated 3 ways and easy to edit. Good for introducing line graphs, used with Y6 pupils being introduced and was very effective. Update Jan 2013 - MA task is no longer frequency. HA task made more challenging.

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Week 2 Plotting Line Graphs

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CreatedOct 28, 2011
UpdatedNov 16, 2014

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    user avatarDaveGale9 days agoReport

    These worksheets are easily editable but work just fine as they are. Simple and to the point. Thanks!

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    user avatartracywha month agoReport

    Just what I need to begin line graphs. Thanks

  • 5

    Thank you! Great help!

  • 5
    user avatarktai006a year agoReport

    This is what i was looking for. Saves me a lot of time. Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarRohan281a year agoReport

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