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Phase 2 week 1 SEN planning

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CreatedOct 30, 2008
UpdatedSep 14, 2010

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    user avatarlinda.may2 years agoReport

    Looking forward to using this resource - thank you.

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    Thank you so much! :) Very helpful and elaborated! :)

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    user avatarhabana7 years agoReport

    Brilliant. Excellent!!! Thank you very much

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    user avatarlillipad7 years agoReport

    Good stuff. Hiya,
    I just downloaded this for my 2 sen children and was worried it would be too advanced for them but it looks great and good fun which is what they need!
    Thank you very much.

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    Thanks for the comment. Yes the children I work with all have problems in that area and are in year one and two so I need to get them writing. I should have mentioned the age of the children in my description. Appreciate the feedback thank you :)