This download contains four sets of 16 cards. Students choose a set of cards and sort them into order! The questions are the same for each set, but the sort order has been changed. This way, students can repeat the activity with different versions of the cards and check that they have learnt from earlier mistakes.
The cards can either be used by individuals, pairs or small groups. Solutions and instructions are included, but my favourite use is for two students to have different versions of the cards and race each other. They then check their answers, shuffle, swap packs and race again (quickest overall time wins!).
Cut out card size is approx. 65 x 90 mm.


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  • bidmas-1-set-1.pdf
  • bidmas-1-set-2.pdf
  • bidmas-1-set-3.pdf
  • bidmas-1-set-4.pdf

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