A TESiboard interactive activity for making a label or a caption for a non-fiction display or class book about mammals and birds. Choose an image for your label or select the blank option to draw your own picture. Set the background, text and border colours. You can also change the border pattern. Use the label option to add a short title and the caption option to add longer text to your label. There are a range of other TESiboard activities based around mammals and birds.

Note: This is a Flash activity and may not work on all devices and browsers. We recommend IE.


  • MammalsBirds_printable.doc
  • Launch activity https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/iboardarchive/mammalsandbirds-label/launch.swf

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Created: May 6, 2010

Updated: Mar 22, 2017

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    user avatarmyrtle6 years agoreport

    Excellent interactive resource that children can access independently.

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    user avatarTESiboard7 years agoreport

    A TES iboard activity. This activity is part of the the growing TES iboard collection. The activities launch directly from the link above but will not download onto your hard drive or memory stick.
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