Mary Queen of Scots Story - Visual Memory Exercise

The teacher tells the story of Mary, Queen of Scots dramatically with visual supports. Then provides students with a jumbled chronology as consolidation, which can be stuck in their books, or collected in and a single sheet with the correct chronology on it provided (depending on the class!). Is designed to appeal to visual learners and develop listening skills for all. Is enjoyable and useful lesson and sets the context for the ‘what should Elizabeth do with Mary’ debate.


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    fettes3 months agoReport

    Thank you this was a great starter . My class really enjoyed it.

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    MrChampion7 months agoReport

    This is a great resource, thank you for sharing

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    DCCURTISa year agoReport

    Will use card sort as a hwk overview so they come to lesson with some prior backgroung.

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    sweacpst2 years agoReport

    Really good resource which I've used with my mixed ability year 8 class. Will definitely recommend P.S. more people who used Tes resources should leave reviews for people who've shared their resources - it's good manners.