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Your complete collection of fully editable chemistry resources for middle and high school students. Individually, the resources inside this mega-bundle would cost $230 but this collection will save you 50%! and is continually being added to, meaning, if you purchase now, you will get it at the lowest possible price. When I add more resources, I will also increase the price accordingly. However, if you've already purchased this bundle, you will get them FREE. Any updates will be placed at the top of the description so simply come back and download it again from your dashboard. These are high-quality resources which are filled with engaging diagrams, videos and activities. They have been classroom-tested by myself so I know first-hand that they are effective.


Product Updates
April 25, 2016
- Added 3 Lab Station Activities
- Added 3 Chemistry Reading Article Activities
- Added 3 Lab Station Activities
- Added Unit 1 - Matter, Chemical Trends and Bonding


Buyer Comment: "Thanks! I'm not very creative so appreciate those that are."

Lesson Packages
Each lesson comes bundled into a mini package that includes:
- The Teacher and Student versions of the PowerPoint
- Student lesson outline in .docx format
- Activities
- Assessments
- Videos and Simulations embedded right into the PowerPoint for easy access

Atoms, Molecules, Ions and The Periodic Table:
• Atomic Theory - The History of the Atom
• Atomic Theory and Structure Overview
• Atomic Structure and Notation
• The Periodic Table
• Trends In The Periodic Table
• Physical/Chemical Properties and Changes – Intermediate Lesson
• Periodic Table and Bohr-Rutherford Diagram Lesson
• Ions
• The Periodic Table Task Cards and Unique Activity

Chemical Reactions and Bonding:
• Lewis Structures
• Lewis Dot War
• Ionic Compounds
• Polyatomic Ions and Compounds
• Molecular Compounds
• Chemical Reactions
• Balancing Chemical Equations
• Types of Chemical Reactions
• Types of Chemical Bonds
• Chemical Symbols, Formulas and Compounds Introduction
• Intermolecular Forces

• Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes
• Density
• Particle Theory and Classification of Matter

Acids and Bases:
• Acid Base Chemistry
• Neutralization Reactions
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