nitrogen cycle game

* Just added, the nitrogen passport because I'm nice like that! I did not make this game but I found the instructions from another post and thought I would make a powerpoint of all the slides you need for each station to save everybody a bit of time! Brilliant activity!

Last updated Apr 10, 2013, created May 2, 2011
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    I just did this with my grade 6 science class in Taiwan and they loved it. Even though they are EAL they could easily follow the instructions and get their heads around the nitrogen cycle. Brilliant resource, THANKS!

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    Good game, worked well with my lower ability year 10's. I'd definitely use it again. We'd done something similar with the carbon cycle before so they already had a good idea of how it worked, and this one was a little simpler than the carbon cycle one we had done beforehand using the dice, whereas the other used 2 coin flips.

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    very interesting idea of delivery. creates a lot of writing for student but definitely shows clearly that there are many routes through what is a continuous cycle. thanks for sharing.

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    Excellent - very neat and tidy - your adaptations have made it even easier.

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