Numicon Addition and subtraction to 10

Images of Numicon with all addition and subtraction calculations to 10. Cut up in cards for children to use alongside Numicon pieces to solve addition and subtraction calculations. When printed I wrote the calculations in numbers underneath the images, looked better than trying to get it fit right when typed!


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  • goldiemoe7 days agoReport

    This resource was just what I was looking for. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • rosmill4 months agoReport

  • rachell_299 months agoReport

    agree that the black is a waste of ink, I removed them, then wrote in + or - and the = by hand in black felt tip. But otherwise great. thank you so much, saved me lots of time.

  • Lisatinka year agoReport

  • pod110153a year agoReport

    I found the black plus, subtract and equals signs too bold and a waste of ink so i have removed them and inserted more ink-economical ones but many thanks for sharing the resource.

Dec 9, 2012
Nov 25, 2014

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