Organisational Structure Spot the DIfference

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Students should work in two groups initially, one with the Goldfinger chart and one with the Blofeldt chart. Each group should brainstorm what questions they are going to ask to find out how the charts differ. (There are two versions, students with weaker language skills should get the ones with more example questions). Once they have written their questions, each Goldfinger students should sit with their back to a Blofeldt student, so they can't see each other&'s charts. They need to find the differences by asking and answering questions about the charts.

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Organisation charts Spot the Difference

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CreatedJan 7, 2013
UpdatedApr 25, 2014

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    user avatarrdhaigha year agoReport

    Thank you. Taking it from a different angle

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    Thank you this is a really useful resource for learners, thought provoking and visual. Much appreciated thank you

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