Place Value - Gattegno Chart - KS2 KS3 Lesson Plan

A lesson plan describing how to use the Gattegno chart for the following mathematical aims: •multiplying whole numbers, and decimal numbers by 10, 100, … •dividing whole numbers and decimal numbers by 10, 100, … •multiplying by decimal numbers •converting fractions to decimals •index notation •looking for generalisations •developing a common language for discussion of ideas.


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    Very good although I think your chart is upside down! I've always seen it the other way (so multiplying goes up the chart) which to my mind reinforces the fact that multiplying by 10, 100 etc increases the value. Just what I needed for a suggested activity though! :)

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    user avatarOver403 years agoReport

    Looks very useful - I'll be covering this next week.

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    user avatarTheawray4 years agoReport

    Helped with my paper on place value ...thanks

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    user avatarlaolao6 years agoReport

    Thank you. I really like this idea- another model to help with multiplication and division.

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    user avatarnilofer7 years agoReport

    great resource. Simple and up to the point resource. My son and i found it very easy to follow it and it gives clear guidelines to whoever uses it(parent/teacher/pupil).Weldone and thanks.

Sep 9, 2009
Oct 28, 2013

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