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The MAIN PRODUCT is a complete powerpoint presentation on Public Health Medical Legal Issues. There is also included a 20 point multiple choice QUIZ with answer key plus a complete set of FLASHCARDS for reviewing the presentation. The Flashcards could also be used for testing purposes and/or class discussion facilitation.

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook author.


~Tension has always existed between the Bill of Rights and the police powers. Because we have so many individual freedoms, we tend to think more about our individual rights than those of our communities. This mindset works against us in public health crises.

~Our populace was made up of three groups in 1918. The dying, the dead and those trying to remain alive in the 1918 flu pandemic. Those trying to remain alive lost ground every day but some remained alive despite formidable odds against them. Face masks were about the only protection against it. Flu vaccine shots did not exist in 1918.

~In 2009 we did get another version of the 1918 flu which was also called swine flu but that naming led to the public's misunderstanding the info being given it, especially to thinking that pigs and eating pork were the source of infection. However, just like the 1918 version, you got this flu by being exposed to another infected person's respiratory droplets.

~California in 2015 finally said “enough is enough” with the resurgence of childhood illnesses throughout the state because of the people not getting their children vaccinated. The new California law is now one of the toughest in the nation, not the most liberal. It joined Mississippi and West Virginia in abolishing the exemption based on one’s religious belief. California now has only one exemption and that is a medical condition which makes the vaccine dangerous. For example, some children are allergic to vaccinations. However, this must be validated by a doctor in order to use the exemption. Prior to this crackdown, California was experiencing the lowest vaccination rates in the country with measles staging a major come back among residents.

~ The persons who were able to move freely inside the USA despite possibly being able to spread infection of ebola set off a furious reaction among the populace. Kaci Hickox was a nurse who fought going into seclusion after her return from West Africa. Doctors Spencer and Snyderman visited crowded public places while they still posed a risk of being transmitters of Ebola.
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