Whole lesson on quadratic sequences which includes
- full powerpoint lesson with detailed explanations
- student worksheet with step by step guide
- independent task with solutions
- extension tarsia activity for individual or paired work
- topic test with solutions

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  • Quadratic-Sequences-tarsia.docx
  • Quadratic-Sequences-Topic-Test.docx
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  • Quadratic-sequences.pptx

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11 Reviews

  • 4
    user avatarC_Harris5 days agoreport

  • 4
    user avatarmrwhy10893 months agoreport

    A great selection of tasks and activities with a presentation to tie it all together.

  • 4
    user avatarpramdoyal4 months agoreport

    Fantastic lesson. Well done.Better than using 3 simultaneous equations in 3 unknowns which would be a nightmare for many year 11 students.

  • 5Recommended
    user avatarGareth15124 months agoreport

    This resource bundle comes with a PowerPoint, student worksheet, a Tarsia puzzle, an independent task and a topic test, and so forms a fully comprehensive set of resources for a series of lessons on this topic. The slides of the PowerPoint are well presented and walk the students through the methods well, and the standard of questions are excellent and challenging. The resource provides all of the answers for all of the above tasks mentioned, so it makes your planning a little easier also. A great bundle of resources to teach this tricky topic.

  • 2
    user avatarmadalien4 months agoreport

    This should NOT be tagged KS2 and much of it is beyond KS3