Reading Lit and Informational Texts Playlists: Complete Grade 5 Bundle
This resource bundle aligns with all of the Common Core State Standards for Grade 5 Reading: Informational Text and Reading: Literature. We have combined eighteen of our playlists—content-rich tools that use trusted textual, audio, visual, and multimedia resources to supplement high-quality instruction in specific elements of the Common Core—to guide students through each of the relevant standards for this strand of English Language Arts. Each playlist is designed for 30–45 minutes of instructional time and is followed by a rigorous self-check for students. Alternatively you could assign individual student playlists as homework or remedial/extension activities.

Standard Coverage Notes:
- The playlist covering standard RI.5.4 also covers RI.4.4 and contains materials for all students in the 3–5 grade band.
- There is no playlist for RI.5.10. As your students work through the other standards, they will read and comprehend a range of informational texts, including historical and social studies, science, and technical texts, within the grade 5 text-complexity band.
- Standard RL.5.2 is covered across two playlists: one focuses on characters in stories and dramas; the other focuses on topics in poetry.
- There is no playlist for RL.5.8 because the Common Core does not deem this standard applicable to literature.
- There is no playlist for RL.5.10. As your students work through the other standards, they will read and comprehend a range of stories, dramas, and poetry within the grade 5 text-complexity band.

The bundle includes dozens of passages on which students can practice their reading skills, including the ability to identify key ideas and details, to analyze craft and structure, and to integrate knowledge and ideas from a variety of media, genres, print and digital sources. Stepped-out examples and hyperlinks to videos, graphic organizers, and other activities further support instruction.

The Student Editions include:
• 66 links to instructional videos, audio, or texts
• 42 links to practice quizzes or activities
• 18 assessments that include 68 multiple choice questions, 1 yes/no question, 1 fill-in-the-blank question, 2 true/false questions, 1 sorting question, and 3 matching questions
• Definitions of key terms related to each of the standards
• Examples of how students can apply the standards to their reading and deepen their understanding of what they are reading
• Excerpts from several high-quality nonfiction texts, including passages about: Helen Keller, NASA and space exploration, Mayan civilization, coral reefs, holidays, Benjamin Franklin, caves, American history, inventors, Frederick Douglass, and the North Pole
• Excerpts from several high-quality texts, including:
- “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum
- “A Christmas Carol” Charles Dickens
- “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll
- “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
- “Bed in Summer” by Robert Louis Stevenson
- “The Children’s Hour” by Henry W. Longfellow
- “The Bird with the Broken Wing” by Florence Holbrook

The Teacher Guides include:
• Additional activities and writing prompts to help your students explore the standard
• Links to 49 additional practice quizzes, activities, or resources
• Ideas to differentiate the activities for students who need extra support or to be challenged further
• Answer guides with correct answers, answer choice rationales, word counts, and DOK levels


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Created: Feb 21, 2017

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

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