Reading Scales - weight in g and kg Worksheet

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Worksheet version to accompany the Smartnotebook file of the same name. The children are asked to read the scales from the arrow and write the weight in gs or kg. The other activity is for the children to place an arrow onn a scale at a specified weight.

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Reading scales - weight g and kg version 2 worksheet

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CreatedNov 2, 2011
UpdatedNov 28, 2014

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    user avatarctesa year agoReport

    thanks particularly useful pg 7-9

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    user avatardarkersa year agoReport

    Super resource. Thanks for sharing.

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    The activities to read the weights are very useful, thanks.

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    Beautifully clear. Perfect for my entry level learner with low literacy, who needs pictures and simple concepts. Thank you so much.

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    Great resource! Thank you for sharing.

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