Let's get functional
Let's get functional
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I am an experienced functional skills and GCSE maths teacher. I teach mainly adults. I also teach apprentices so I have a wide variety of resources from whole class teaching to my workbooks which were originally developed for work with apprentice who come to my classes on a roll on roll off basis - lessons with apprentices are very exam focused trying to prepare them for exams as quickly as possibly. I enjoy a problem solving approach and like to develop resource suitable for adults.

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Here is part one of my updated level 1 revision guide for the reformed functional skills 2019 specification. This is completely mapped to practice skills needed at level 1 could also be useful for those working towards L2. No answers provided yet but I will be adding these in.

For level 2 combined calculator and non calculator booklet with answers please see here:


This is in a PDF with plenty to keep students busy

Please see my other resources for more resources written from the new spec.

Topics covered are as follows:

Read, write, order and compare large numbers up to one million
Approximate whole numbers by rounding, including to the nearest 10,100,1000
Approximate decimals by rounding to a whole number or one or two decimal places
Add and subtract using three digit whole numbers
Add and subtract negative numbers
Multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10,100,1000
Multiply 2-digit whole numbers by single and 2 digit whole numbers
Calculate square numbers
Divide 3-digit whole numbers by single and double digit whole numbers
Use Bodmas to solve problems
Add subtract multiply and divide decimals up to 2 decimal places
Simplify fractions to find equivalent forms
Find parts of whole number quantities or measurements, e.g. 2/3 or 3/4
Convert mixed fractions
Recognise and calculate equivalences between common fractions, percentages and decimals
Add and subtract fractions
Calculate percentages of amounts and simple percentage increase and decrease
Calculate direct proportion
Calculate mean and range
Express the likelihood of an event using fractions, and on a scale of 0 to 1
Calculate area and perimeter and volume
Recognise and make use of simple scales on maps and drawings
Calculate angles
Convert between units of length, weight, capacity, in the same system
Perform calculations with time
Plans and elavation

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Reformed functional skills whole course!

Please note the PNG files are photos that have been used for the previews only. They are not the documents needed to use the resource, they only photos of what is included. This bundle includes all the topics needed to teach functional skills. All topics for the reformed functional skills qualifications that are included have work books many differentiated to L1 & L2 . Lots of power points and the majority of answers are also included. This really is a bargain. My exam board is city and guilds. But this would be useful for all exam boards. Every work book Included is made for the reformed functional skills maths and include calculator and non calculator methods. Place Value Rounding and estimation Multiply by 10,100,1000 and add and subtract including decimals. Multiplication including decimals Bidmas Percentages of amounts, increase and decrease, reverse percentages and compound interest. Fractions of amounts, simplify fractions mixed fractions, add and subtract fractions. converting between fractions,decimals and percentages Ratio and proportion Averages Probability Graphs and charts Area and perimeter including problems Substitution into formula Angles, symmetry and bearing,compass points and coordinates Metric and imperial conversions Scale plans, maps, nets ad elevations L1 non calculator work book L2 revision workbook with calculator and non calculator questions on every topic. Please note if you do find typos the workbooks are in word so you can easily amend. I am going through and fixing them as I find them or they are reported to me. Please see my resources (jonesk5) for the following available for free: Division workbook Course outline Non calculator revision mock time and timetables




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a year ago

Hi, can I have level 1 functional skills mathematics sample paper 3 and sample paper 8 including showing work please thank you.


2 years ago

Great resource...thank you. Do you have similar but for calculator?


2 years ago

Hi, Thank you for this. I have purchased this booklet today, but the answers are not included. Can you please send these through? Many Thanks


3 years ago

Lovely resource! I can see you mentioned the answers and adding in level 2 in September? When will this be added in please.<br />


3 years ago

Great for apprentices - already used in my lesson

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