Roaring Twenties/ Harlem Renaissance COMPARE TO TODAY- 5 day UNIT Plan- STUDENTS LOVE THIS!!!
Harlem Renaissance Compared to Today: Generation Z/ Boomlets

The word Renaissance, means “rebirth” or awakening, a time where art and individuality foolish. During the years 1919 to 1934 Harlem, New York became a haven for African Americans, and the backdrop for the flowering of so many outstanding authors, poets, dramatists, artists, and musicians in a short span of time. Harlem became the center ; the hub from which the works flowed. There was a desire on the part of these artists to share their life stories from their African roots to their lives in the South and in the North. At a time when racism and social political injustices were part of the fabric of American society, these artists through their work expressed a strong cultural pride and a burning desire for political and social equality. The literature, art, and music of the period portray the despair of generations, of unfilled promises, as well as the dream of a new society based on equality of opportunity.

Your Task:
Analyze the documents, works of art and more, order to learn more about the Harlem Renaissance, and the general feelings of the era

You will be traveling to different stations, and learning about:
1. Jazz Scene
2. Musicians
3. Dance
4. Poetry
5. Writers
6. Art
7. Politics (we did this the other day)
8. Other- fads, hairstyles trends, and more

Next- Compare the Harlem Renaissance with that of your generation

1. Migration Patterns-
o Where are the majority of people (ethnics groups) and why
o Which cities in US have largest population?
2. The Music Scene-Venues-
o Choose 2
o describe them, who goes/went there, socio-economic, genres of the era
3. Singers
o famous singers of the era- and why they represent the era/ time period
o 1 song that represents economics
o 1song to represent society,
o 1 song to represent politics
o Analyze those songs completely-( I.C.E.D & OPVL)
4. Dance
o [Give at least 3- what do you believe each represents]
5. Poetry
o find a poem that represents the era, use the poem analysis sheet to help you describe it. The event/ description cannot be the same as one mentioned in another section
o Use the poem analysis sheet to help guide your analysis
6. Writers
o [books of the era and what they wrote about- choose 2 only one can be fiction- how does this represent your generation, why did the author write this, summarize the literature?]
o Use I.C.E.D
o Cannot be same historical events as above
7. Art
o [Choose 2 and explain the meaning- famous paintings, statues, architecture, etc.]
o Use the art analysis sheet to help you

8. Politics [this can be presidential as wel
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