School Subjects: Spanish Worksheet

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Spanish Worksheet of 16 pictures representing school subjects. Writing activity where pupils identify what subject is represented by each picture in English and then work out what the corresponding Spanish words for the school subjects are from a list (put these on the board/OHT). This worksheet can be adapted to all other MFL.

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CreatedDec 5, 2006
UpdatedMar 26, 2013

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    user avatarSrtaKramer6 years agoReport

    The pics are great, but I'm not sure what they all are - is there a key available? (My kids don't take 16 subjects, that's for sure!) Thanks in advance...

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    user avatareiresp9 years agoReport

    Thanks. Thanks! Sandrine

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    user avatarlaly10 years agoReport

    las assignaturas. Good and attractive pictures to teach, revise or reinforce subject. Thanks laly

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    user avatarSunrise10 years agoReport

    Thanks. Thanks for that! It will be very useful. It's more interesting than giving them a vocab sheet.