Shakespeare's Neologisms: Complete Lesson!

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Ready to use lesson on neologisms in The Simpsons and in Shakespeare! Engage students with this fun and complex lesson! Starter looks at neologisms in the Simpsons and rules for creating them. The worksheet contains a light hearted article on Shakespeare's neologisms and has students explore how he developed them with some examples. Finally, students create their own neologisms using the rules looked at in the lesson.

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CreatedMay 31, 2011
UpdatedApr 20, 2014

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    Many thanks for sharing this. I particularly like how you guide students to create their own neologisms. Just for information, did you write the article yourself or find it from another source?

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    user avatarwinth0058 months agoReport

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    I can tell students must have a lot of fun in your lessons. You really have a great imagination and know how to keep them engaged! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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    user avatarctoland12 years agoReport

    Excellent resource - great way to engage students. Many thanks!

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    user avatarkaramp3 years agoReport

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