I have uploaded puzzles and activities linked to 2D and 3D shape that incorporate logic puzzles. Many of the puzzles have been adapted from the blue challenging more able children problem solving book. If you like the resources, please visit my blog. http://primarymaths.wordpress.com


  • 2D shape puzzles.doc
  • 2D shape puzzles.notebook
  • 2D shape row Puzzles.doc
  • 2d shape row puzzles.notebook
  • 3dshapecoordinatemystery.notebook
  • shape coordinate mystery.notebook
  • shape digits.doc
  • shape puzzle.doc
  • shape puzzle.notebook
  • y4 3dshape logic coordinates.doc
  • 3D row puzzles HA.doc
  • 3D shape activities.notebook
  • 3d shape nets.doc
  • 3d shape nets.notebook
  • individual 3dshape logic coordinates.doc
  • Polygon mobile.notebook
  • Polygon mobiles.doc
  • shape jigsaw.doc
  • shape coordinate mystery(1).notebook
  • 2dshape logic coordinates.doc

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