SPAG 38 more English grammar dice games

Here are 38 new grammar dice games to inject some fun and creativity into grammar sessions.
This is a large word document (150 pages) containing 38 fun grammar/spelling activities. Unlike a lot of sellers, my work is NOT a PDF, so you can edit-and-adapt to make it work in your classroom. All of these games have been tested in class. They have a real impact on learning, and are much more engaging than worksheets.

Some of the games included are:

  1. Meet the relatives - Create sentences that include relative clauses
  2. Clauses, clauses, clauses - Create multi-clause sentences
  3. Clauses, clauses, clauses – scavenger hunt version
  4. Precise and descriptive sentences - Create descriptive sentences
  5. Four to score (dashes) - Use dashes to to mark off extra information, thoughts, asides and ideas in an informal way
  6. Plurals scavenger hunt - Use a word bank to hunt sort plural nouns that follow various spelling rules
  7. Compound adjective creator (hyphens) - Use a hyphen to combine words and create compound adjectives
  8. Expanded noun phrases - Expand noun phrases using rich vocabulary
  9. Cause and effect (explanation) - Use causal connectives to extend a sentence or begin a new sentence
  10. Homophones scavenger hunt - Identify homophones and near homophones
  11. Mistaken identity (homophones) - Give definitions of many common homophones and near homophones
  12. Homophone sentence match up - Simple activity matching homophones to sentences
  13. Paragraph party – Anne Frank biography version - Group information into paragraphs (biography)
  14. Free the verse (create free verse poetry) - Use figurative language and word play
  15. I or me? Use the pronouns ‘I’ and ‘me’ correctly in sentences
  16. Apostrophe Catastrophe! Explore the use and misuse of apostrophes
  17. First on the scene - Add fronted adverbials to breaking news stories
  18. Day of the drones - 2 sessions resulting in a persuasive argument about drones
  19. ‘Addition’ or ‘cause and effect’ - Develop an argument using ‘addition’ or ‘cause and effect’
  20. Noun or Verb? Explore the function of words that can be nouns and verbs
  21. Noun or Not? Identify a noun by looking carefully at the whole sentence.
    Classify (group) different types of nouns.
  22. Dramatic Dashes - Use dashes to interrupt a sentence or to extend a sentence
    Use dashes to add extra information about a noun phrase
  23. Personification generator 1 - spooky woods
  24. Word race: ary, ory, ery - I can spell words ending with ‘ary’, ‘ery’, ‘ory’
  25. Sweet shop lists - I can use a comma (or ‘and’) to separate things in a list
  26. The memory test - pronouns - I can write pronouns from memory
  27. –el, -al, -le game - I can spell words ending –el, -al, -le
    And more…
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