Spirituality - Religious Expression

Enquiry I am trying to develop for KS3/4 students on Spirituality. I have PPTS on the different expressions of Music, actions and literature but are mostly sources from the RETODAY publications from the Questions series - Expressing meaning. So I don't think I can upload it. The Soul Diary task is something the students have really got stuck into and have created some great reflective peices. I try and link the Spirited Arts competition to this unit. Hope it is of some use to you.


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    I like the idea of using a Soul diary as way of showing students that they can be spiritual without formal religions. Thanks for sharing this idea..

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    Good idea! Will definitely see how this can be incorporated into our SOW. Thanks for sharing.

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    Looks and sounds great. Will adjust accordingly and use with my YR7's. Thank you loads.