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Here is a 'how to' guide for stop motion animation using monkey jam. Monkeyjam is a free software download, all you need are some cheap webcams. I use this to guide the students. It covers all the aspects needed to make a simple animation, and a trouble shooting guide. I have provided it as a powerpoint and a pdf for convenience. The first 2 slides are very specific to setting up our network and a specific project we were completing, feel free to delete and add your own. I had to make each slide of the powerpoint a single image as every computer opens it differently. Happy animating!

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CreatedApr 15, 2011
UpdatedJun 1, 2013

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    Thank you for providing this. It's a really clear guide for the children to use, as well as a teacher using monkeyjam for the first time!

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    Clear and detailed instructions for pupils.

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    user avatarDazzas15 years agoReport

    Thanks for this. Great resource.

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    Thank you for sharing. CJ